GreenBites is a Vegan Catering company devoted to recreating old favorites with Soul and Love, the way granny would make it. Birthed out of the need for access to healthier less harmful food options, GB is thrilled to serve the community! Chef Ny uses what she learned during her extensive healthcare career & incorporates it with the art of cooking to hook up mouthwatering experiences every time. We believe food should be healing, not harmful, to our body’s and the world. 

  • We offer food services for any size event, family dinners, personal meals and meal preps.
  • We offer personal chef experiences and virtual and live cooking demonstrations.



Our vision is to preserve our minds, body, and the world one GreenBite at a time. We aim to educate on the importance & the effects of what you put in your body. We will continue to show the world that you do not have to harm animals for a good meal. In fact it’s actually  better for all of us if you didn’t. Healthy is not just a word it is a way of life. One that we will continuously help others to attain through our foods and their easy accessibility.